Tyvarian by AMI

Custom High Definition Designer Pieces

AMI is an exclusive provider of Tyvarian products. High definition images, paired with new technology, means opportunity for one of a kind featured pieces in your home. Turn your bathroom and shower into a gallery with Tyvarian’s custom designer looks. The possibilities are endless with Tyvarian by AMI.

What is Tyvarian?

Tyvarian has provided a unique opportunity to pair their new technology with high resolution images, making your options endless! It combines high-definition photos into cultured marble product, providing the same durability and easy maintenance for your home and bathroom. The innovation behind Tyvarian offers the look of natural stone, granite, tile, and so much more! With 80+ colors and designs available, you are truly only limited by your imagination!


  • Amazing design possibilities
  • The appearance of stone without the cost and maintenance
  • Water and mildew resistant
  • Grout- Free surface options

Tyvarian by AMI offers several options to design your dream bathroom to your liking. Offering shower walls, shower bases, vanity tops and many accessory options.

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