In-House Design Products and Molds for Home Design

Since 1980, AMI has been a leading manufacturer of home design products in the Ohio community. We specialize in the manufacturing, fabrication, installation, and design of our products and molds. Browse our shower products Catalog and find high-quality products today.

What We Offer

AMI offers a wide range of products, including custom shower bases, floors, wall panels, and more. We also provide various kitchen countertop products, bathroom vanities, and more.

Innovation in Interior Design

AMI is a quality-first company in the residential and commercial market. Our company manufactures unique proprietary products for national and international companies. We have a team of talented artists and engineers who continually work together to bring innovation and creativity to our products.

Title: Product Catalog


  • Standard Shower Bases
  • Custom Bases and Shower Floors
  • Aging in Place
  • Shower Wall Panels and Flat Stock

Title: Accessories


  • Kitchen Countertops
  • Bathroom Vanities
  • Custom Design Bathrooms

Title: Available Colors


  • Standard Marble
  • Alabaster Marble
  • Ironstone Marble

Tyvarian Product

Title: Top 25 Tyvarian Colors